5 Big Secret Tips to Fly Xiaomi Mi Drone Like a Pro

5 Big Secret Tips to Fly Xiaomi Mi Drone Like a Pro


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is commonly known as a drone has been a familiar device. Drone is also commonly known as expensive device before Xiaomi unveiled Xiaomi Mi Drone with a very affordable price that gives more chance to those people who want to experience flying a drone with affordable price. Although this device is very familiar, but flying this sophisticated device needs certain tricks to be like an expert. Here, what we have in this post is 5 big secret tips to help you fly Xiaomi Mi Drone as if you are a pro.

5 great secret to fly Xiaomi Mi Drone like an expert

No matter what you are, a beginner or medium level pilot, you have the same chance to fly Xiaomi Mi Drone like a pro. What you need to do to fly the device like a pro is just a handy guide to get your flying skill up to speed, so that you can get the most out of your trusty Xiaomi Mi Drone.

1. Inspect your Mi Drone Regularly

Regular inspection is very important to perform before you take the drone to the air. Proper pre-flight routine can save your Mi drone from burning-off and other unexpected accidents so that you can focus for flight time. Here are some pre-flight routines:
Charge the battery up to 100% before flying to maximize flight time.
Check the drone and RC transmitter are both charged.
Make sure there are no missing or broken parts.
Ensure the propellers are securely mounted on the motors (undamaged and not worn).
Calibrate your Mi drone before taking off.

2. Check the controller board to ensure it is in good condition

Don’t miss this important part: the RC controller. This part is acritical component of your Mi drone allowing precise flight control with varying degrees of sensitivity to perform aerial flips, hovering and flight manoeuvers. That is why you need to always ensure the transmitter is clean with no dirt or obstructions for optimum control and feedback.

3. Fly in clear, outdoor areas

It is critical point to always consider where you fly your Mi drone. Ensure to choose an open, unobstructed area for sage flight. you can follow these tips below to get maximum safety and to get the most from your Mi drone:

Go to wide open space like a park or another area.
Stay away from roads, trees, streetlights, and utility wires.
Keep away from people (especially children) and pets because your drone may hurt them.
Avoid power lines, cellphone towers, or other large structures or buildings.
Check how strong the wind is before you fly your drone and avoid flying if the drone is affected by the wind.

4. Don’t overstress the quadcopter

Just like the other device, overstress won’t end up with a good thing. As well as overworking your drone that can cause serious, long-term damage, ultimately wearing out the motor and other components, leading to increased failure rate. To maximize the service life, avoid the temptation to either use multiple batteries to extend flight time, or fly, recharge, and fly it again immediately.

5. Watch out for flying the drone higher than 400 feet

It is very recommended to fly the drone no higher than 400 feet. Based on FAA guidelines, the maximum altitude allowed for flying commercial drones is 400 feet. As we know that the Mi drone is capable to fly above 800 meters, but you should always retain visual line of sight at all times to maintain orientation. Therefore, fly the drone as the best recommendation for more safety flight.

With this Xiaomi Mi Drone, you are now capable to explore the scenery of the world from the air with its Mi PTZ camera and experience to fly a drone. One additional thing to remember while you are having your exciting time for flying with your drone: know the local policy in your country. Follow the legal regulations of flying a drone based on the regulations in your country to ensure that you are not breaking the law and make other risky actions with the drone that may send you to bed ending. And always remember to perform good maintenance of your Mi drone so that your Mi Drone always in good condition.

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