How to Fly a Xiaomi Mi Drone

How to Fly a Xiaomi Mi Drone


Fly Xiaomi Mi Drone Tutorial – Xiaomi Mi Drone, which is the first Xiaomi’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle offers prestige experience to watching over the world with drones. Mi drones is designed to be easy to carry and after folded, you can pack it into any backpack if 17 inches. The remote control of Mi drone is also designed as the common remote, so you won’t find any difficulty when controlling the quadcopter. If you have one of the Xiaomi Mi Drone, and you want to fly it for the first time, make sure that you have read the following tutorial about how to fly a Xiaomi Mi Drone.

Preparation before the first flight of Xiaomi Mi Drone

Before we step further to the steps of how to fly Mi Drone, make sure that you have assembled each part properly to prevent unexpected accident. When everything is ready, then make sure that you have understood some important points below:

1. Mi Drone App
You must correctly pair a mobile phone with the remote control, start Mi Drone App and connect to the quadcopter. Only after the completion of these steps is possible to unlock and start motors.

2. Definite a front of the quadcopter
Place of PTZ camera indicates a front of the quadcopter. Place of a battery block indicates a back of the quadcopter. You can also define front and back of the quadcopter after its flight lights. Two white lights indicate a front of the quadcopter. Green and red indicate a back.

How to Fly Xiaomi Mi Drone for the First Time

Before initiating the first flight, please make sure that you are already known everything about how to fly the Mi drone. Ensure that you have the proper place to fly the drone in accordance to the precautions of flying a drone. It is important to make sure that you are not breaking the law and of course not breaking the drone as well. When you are sure about the place to fly your drone, then let’s get started with it.

1. Switching on the quadcopter and remote control
Control a battery level:

  • Short press a button to view a current battery level.
  • One short press and re-press and hold for 2 seconds to switch on or off.

For your safety tips, while manage the quadcopter, hold a back of the device toward an operator. Otherwise, there may be problems in determining the direction of the device and increases the risk of an accident.

2. Take off
How to take off and landing with remote control:

  • Point two remote control sticks in the inner lower part to the limit, creating a V-shape, and hold for 3 seconds.
  • Propeller begins to rotate during this step.
  • After initial propeller scroll simultaneously release two sticks.
  • Strongly move the left stick up (over half) than quadcopter begins to take off.
  • At any time of flight, release both of remote control sticks, then quadcopter hangs in the air.

For your safety tips during takeoff strongly turn the left stick up. If you turn it too slow, this actions can cause overturning of the quadcopter.

3. Landing with remote control
If you want to land on the drone, follow the steps below:

  • Slowly move the stick down.
  • During the descent and landing slowly and steadily move the left stick in the down position, and ensure a steady landing of the quadcopters.
  • After a secure and full contact of landing gears and a ground, move the left stick of the remote control down to the limit and hold it for 5 seconds. This action will cause the quadcopters motors off.

For your safety tips, if the quadcopters glanced to one side or there was another similar situation, after which motors does not turn off automatically, simultaneously press and hold the remote control power button and automatic take-off / automatic landing button for 3 seconds and quadcopter’s motors will shut down.

Fast operation buttons of the remote control

  • When the drone is flying in normal flight, simultaneously press the remote control power button and automatic take-off / automatic landing button, in order to avoid the quadcopter free fall.
  • During the flight, if you turn Standard flight / return flight (return) button to the right side, then the drone will automatically return to the approximately location of take-off and lands automatically. By turning on this mode, it is easier for you to control the drone from being lost.
  • While if you turn Standard flight / return flight (return) button to the left during the flight back to the place of takeoff, the drone will hang in the air waiting for manual control commands.
  • Scroll right remote control wheel, adjust the brightness of white front running lights.
  • If the automatic take-off / landing automatic button is lit white, quadcopter can perform automatic takeoff or landing.
  • If you are satisfied with automatic takeoff, click the button once, then press and hold for 2 seconds to make the quadcopter perform automatic takeoff.
  • If you are satisfied with automatic landing, you can click the button once, then press and hold for 2 seconds to make the quadcopter perform an automatic landing.

Xiaomi Mi Drone is equipped with propeller protection frame that you can read the installation of this frame in the preparation to get started with Xiaomi Mi Drone. This protection frame has the major role to protect the propeller while landing, or from the drone tilting that could be caused by landing on uneven ground, and does little to nothing for protecting people from cutting. Although the drone has been equipped with this, you still need to be aware of the place where you fly and land the quadcopter. It is important to keep the drone safe. The drone also needs proper maintenance and setting to ensure that everything goes as it should be.

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