Mi PTZ Camera for Xiaomi Mi Drone

Mi PTZ Camera for Xiaomi Mi Drone


Pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. This is the eye of the drone that allow you to watch the world wide from the air. It is called as PTZ camera for its abbreviation: pan, tilt, zoom and reflect the movement options of the camera. Without this Mi PTZ camera, your Mi drone won’t be able to show you the beauty of scenery from the air. Here in this tutorial, we’d like to tell you everything you need to know about Mi PTZ camera for Mi Drone, from installing to its instructional manual.

Mi PTZ camera for Mi Drone Installation

Xiaomi Mi drone has several important part such as suspension for the camera, connection indicator, camera lens and shooting indicator. You need to install this Mi PTZ camera to your Xiaomi Mi Drone as the eye of the quadcopter. Follow the steps below to install Mi PTZ camera for Mi Drone:

1. Installing of Micro SD card
If you want to install Micro SD card into the Mi PTZ camera, the first thing you need to do is rolling of the camera up on 90 degrees. Rolling of the camera up on this position will turn the Micro SD slot and USB slot facing front. Now, you can install the Micro SD card that you have selected. Just for your recommendation, you need to select memory card which is guided by major brands Class 10 (Class 10) and above. While the recommendation amount of memory for your Mi PTZ camera is at least 16GB. The USB slot you available on the Mi PTZ camera is designed only for technical application.

2. Installation and disassembly lock of PTZ camera
After installing the Micro SD card into the PTZ camera, now the camera is ready to be installed into the quadcopter. Whenever you are ready to install the camera to the quadcopter, simply sliding lock, and then you can remove the protective cover of mounting slot for PTZ camera. This sliding lock is also used to remove the PTZ camera. If you want to remove the PTZ camera, simply just slide a lock in opposite direction.

After you have removed the protective cover of mounting slot for PTZ camera, now you can insert the camera suspension to the slot until it clicks. After setting the PTZ camera installation and dismantling lock will take its original position.

How to turn on/off and control PTZ camera

If you have the PTZ camera on the quadcopter, it is now ready to operate. You can now turn on/off the camera. Right after switching quadcopter, switch on automatic start of PTZ camera. After automatic configuration PTZ camera switches to standby mode. With this mode, Mi PTZ camera will automatically turn off when you turn the quadcopter off. The same thing will also happen when you turn the quadcopter on, where the camera will also automatically turn on.

While the camera is on, you can control the camera up and down. The motion control of camera lens (up and down) can be done easily. You just need to scroll left wheel on remote control to select the direction of camera range, that is indicated in the figure on the left. If you release the left wheel, the camera lens will maintain the current status.

How to capture video and photo using remote control

On the remote control, there is a camera button and a video button. Those buttons are useful whenever you want to capture video or photo during the flight. while controlling the flight of the drone, if you want to capture photos using the camera, simply just click once on the shooting. Wait until there are two signal, and after two signals the camera takes the picture. You can capture pictures of the scenery below when it is flying, so that you can save and share the images anytime you want.

PTZ camera is not only capable to take picture, but also record video.

Whenever you want to record video during the drone flight, simply click once on the video button, then there are two signals after the camera starts recording video. Click repeatedly on the video button, then after there are four signals camera will stop recording. During recording video, the power indicator of remote control is blinking. If you want to get the best angle to be record, you can control the drone to fly above beautiful spot. Learn some certain tips to fly the drone so that you can reach the most of the drone to explore the scenery below during the flight.

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