Xiaomi Mi Drone Maintenance

Xiaomi Mi Drone Maintenance


Xiaomi Mi Drone Maintenance: Xiaomi Mi Drone is designed as modular drone, while the existing consumer drones are not very portable. With this modular design, the consumer can easily disassemble some parts of the drone such as the camera and rotors, and place then into a bag. In case, when there is any part of the drone damage, the user can replace the damaged part with the new one.

However, no matter what you can do to fix the drone when it is broken, it is more important for you to keep it in good condition with good maintenance and setting. The capability of assembling and disassembling the drone may cause unexpected incident when there is improper installation and so on this is why we share this tutorial of Xiaomi Mi Drone Maintenance and Setting. The more you know about the drone, the better you fly the quadcopter even like a pro. Hopefully this tutorial can help you use the drone properly.

Quadcopter Maintenance

1. Propeller
Propeller is one of parts, that easy wear. If you find signs of wear of propeller, replace it promptly with the new one which is officially provided by Xiaomi. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the use of quadcopter normally.

2. Protective cover
Protective cover is one of parts, that also easy wear. If you find signs of wear, replace it promptly. Keep in mind that you need to operate the drone in accordance with safety regulations, direct the unit away from people, animal and other items because Protective cover provides limited protective effect.

Battery is an item that potentially to explode when it is exposure to fire, therefore do not put a battery in fire and don’t hammer battery. The capacity of the lithium battery at low temperatures is also significantly reduced, so do not use it at temperatbelow 500C.

4. Self-chf quadcopter
Self-check is very important preventive step to anticipate unexpected malfunctions of any part of the quadcopter. Luckily, on every switch on the quadcopter performs some self-test operations. If this self-test failed, you will find appropriate notification to the app so that you can fix it as soon as possible.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Setting

1. Compass setting

Magnetic field is very crucial in compass setting. If magnetic field has changed, you need to re-adjust a compass for safe flight. When you need to set a compass, open the app and find the relevant notification and instructions. Set the compass based on the proper instruction available on the app.

2. Remote control code

Remote control code must be synched with the quadcopter. That is why when replacing the remote control or kvadrokoptera you need to re-synchronize the remote control code of quadcopter. Follow the steps below to re-synchronize it:

    • Switch on the quadcopter
    • The remote control is turned off. First, once press the power button, and then press and hold until a button indicator flashes rapidly. This is the sign that synchronization mode of the remote control is on.
    • Set the PTZ camera installation / disassembly button, remove the cover and locate the code hole. You can use the supplied screwdriver to the main assembly, and then press and hold this
    • ole for 1 second. Three specific remote control signals to indicate successful pairing. At the same time remote control power button light will change color to white.

3. Setting a remote control stick

If during flight you notice a discrepancy between flight unit and your actions on the remote control, try setting the remote control stick. If there was a gap to connect the remote control with quadcopter, make the necessary settings in the app.

There are many reasons why people buy a quadcopter and learn to fly one. For some it’s may simply the pleasure of flying a quadcopter and watch the world from the air, and the other may take serious advantages of flying a quadcopter like for aerial photography, news report, and so on. Whatever your reason of obtaining a quadcopter, keeping the device in its best condition is crucial option to make it possible for you to use it as long as you want. You need also set the device properly so that it can operate as it should be, and you can avoid any unnecessary damaged as well as you need to learn how to fly the quadcopter properly.

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